Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ok, I decided if I didn't do it while I was sitting here it would be one more thing on my long list of things to get to!


  1. Hi Brenda....Love your home furnishings!!! Can I ask where you found the green plaid furniture and also where you got your lovely lace curtains and valances???
    :) Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks so much. The plaid furniture is actually a sapphire blue and I purchased it about 12 years ago from JC Penney I want to say. I believe it's Broyhill and the fabric has been discontinued because I tried to get more a year or so ago. I hate it when they discontinue stuff. It always seems to be something I really like and it happens all the time! UGH! The curtains I got at JC Penney as well and I believe those are discontinued as well but you could check there. Thanks for looking at my blog and hope to hear from you soon!!